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Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Jan 26, 2016

In this episode we talk about indecision, who is affected by it, and what we can all do to improve our ability to make faster decisions. But you don’t have to worry about this decision because you are now listening to Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

In This Episode:

- The state that makes it hard for us to make decisions.

- What we can all do to increase our decision making ability.

Daily Quest:

1. Write down something that makes you feel ambivalent.

2. Post on Instagram or Twitter with #mytinyleaps


Free Audio Book:


Ivan B - Edge Of The World (ft. Niykee Heaton)(Prod. Tido Vegas) | | provided by CopyrightFreeNetwork


Why So Many People Can’t Make Decisions

Shirley S. Wang

Dealing with Uncertainty: How to Cope with Ambivalence and Decision-Making

Paula Durlofsky

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